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Flash SEO issues aside, I really don't like the gateway page, with the car driving along the name. I know there's a skip button, but I ended up waiting in case there was some payoff. Which there wasn't really.

Maybe if it was a bit quicker, from a zoomed out perspective. It's a nice idea, but 20 seconds is way,way too long for what's effectively an animated logo.

On the main page, I found it quite distracting that the pictures kept changing the way they did. If I'm looking at the menu, I'm instantly drawn away from it. If they just changed on mouseover rather than a timed basis it would be less distracting.

On the follow us page: why do I have to click on each logo to see the relevant contact details? Along with the heading repeated below. I'd presumed clicking on Facebook would bring me to the Facebook page, not just display the contact info which I'd expect to see anyway. The text of the contact details look quite cluttered. The LinkedIn once is out of alignment, and there's a typo on Skype - it's bit of overkill too, you've got the Skype logo, with the heading Skype underneath, and then "Skepe ID:"

On the who we are page, there's scroll arrows which aren't needed, and a photo missing.

The SES page doesn't fit with the rest of the site.

I also found the expanding menu slightly off putting, but that's just me.

Sorry if that comes across a bit negative, only had time for a quick run through and they were the things that struck me. Rest of it is fine!!


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Its not that the intro is to long, it should not be there. I was very tempted to hit the back button. The flashing banner photos on the home page are a little hard on the eye and are distracting. Just my opinion for what its worth. Hope it helps.

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