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Push-notification advertising is a relatively new format, that allows advertisers to show their ads in web-push browsers notifications or mobile applications notifications.

What are the advantages of push-ads:

  1. Human traffic (there are no bots, since it's hard to imitate push-notification behavior and format is relatively new)
  2. CPC model with rather low rates (0.04-0.1 CPC). You pay for clicks only, not for actual impressions.
  3. High ROI. Since its new native format, people are OK with it for now. That generates ROI up to 114%.
  4. High conversion rate. Same thing, since it's a new ad format.
  5. Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google. Again because there is a lot of supply for now and there is not so much competition.
  6. No adblockers.
  7. Content-independent format. Pushes shows up during the day, not while user is browsing something. So you don't need to target them too much for now.
Hi! Need recommended RichPush CPCs for today? We have them:

Country CPC
RUS $0.076
USA $0.086
MEX $0.013
GBR $0.135
DEU $0.063
ESP $0.033
FRA $0.043
ITA $0.031
SWE $0.076
IND $0.006
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Fresh news from RichPush!

We’ve added new Subscribers lists!

1475 - much traffic from IND, RUS, USA, PAK, LKA, IDN, FRA, VNM, MYS, KOR, NPL, TUN, GBR, SGP
1640 - USA, IND, BRA, RUS, IDN
New CPCs for today! RichPush - one of the best push notifications ad network!

Country CPC
MEX $0,014
GBR $0,092
USA $0,054
DEU $0,047
BRA $0,007
RUS $0,019
IND $0,005
NLD $0,058
UKR $0,038
KAZ $0,015
Fresh CPCs from RichPush - one of the best push notifications ad network.

Country CPC
IND $0,008
USA $0,060
RUS $0,039
ITA $0,021
BRA $0,008
DEU $0,058
GBR $0,086
FRA $0,036
UKR $0,037
KAZ $0,018
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