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Let me start of by saying i havent got a clue about rss/xml feeds apart from the concept.

What i want to do is add a feed from a third party site (say bbc news for example) so that it shows on my site.

How and what do i need to do in order to accomplish this?

As i said im clueless on this.


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Hi bucks,

First of all if it is the BBC you are getting the feeds from, you will have to ensure that the site is not a commercial one.

Second of all you will just need a script to pull in the RSS source for you and then parse it as your own RSS feed on your site.

Here's a discussion I had a few days ago with another user on this site about setting up and RSS feed

p.s. - your other site is coming along fine!


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You need to check to see if the content (RSS feed) is ok to syndicate before you republish it.

The easiest/best way to display an RSS feed in your website is to use RSS2HTML a free PHP script. This means that you can retain the complete control of the HTML layout (using templates) and make it match your existing design. Additionally using PHP rather than JavaScript will mean that search engine spiders can "spider" the contents of the RSS feeds.
Additional details and a free rss2html download is available at: RSS2HTML free PHP script for displaying RSS feeds

Additional information and other options for displaying RSS feeds can be found at: Displaying RSS Feeds
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