Ruby on Rails VS PHP Code Igniter

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Hi everyone,
Before I get into the guts of my post I want to give an explanation / background on my experience.

I first learn Object Orientated Code at Uni. We learnt the basics in C++, Java and VB.NET.

At the time I hated programming (still do to a certain extent). I saw a use for it but its so time consuming and frustrating at least that's how I viewed it.

I've never been an elite programmer, I guess I've not been that interested.

However then I started to learn PHP and all of a sudden I could see a use for a language. I had originally intended to build my own CMS system using PHP but discovered open source projects and just stuck with modifying them.

I then moved onto Joomla Joomla! and have only really done the basics in terms of extending it, but I have done alot more with CSS / XHTML.

I prefer to do design work using CSS / XHTML than write code.

Anyway having realised the limitations of some open source cms systems. I started to look into Ruby on Rails. It looks very simple (compared with other languages) and relatively painless. I've even bought a book on it :).

My dilemna is this, do I learn Ruby on Rails and ditch PHP or do I learn a PHP equivilent such as Code Igniter? The advantage of code igniter is its written using php (something I'm already familiar with).

The advantage of rails is in its simplicity and convention over configuration (great for someone like me).

Has anyone else got experiences they would like to share?


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Both have their advantages. All I would say is if you are determined to learn either to professional standards there seems to be higher salaries associated with the Ruby On Rails experience at the moment, but then again if you are going to design primarily for yourself, small firms, or clients who don't need massive booking systems, etc maybe PHP might be more useful (easier and as you know from Joomla, easily ready to be adapted to most uses).


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There is a 15 minute ... blog tutorial on it :D

as in have a blog up and running in 15 minutes ...

I found it quite easy BUT ... when I was playing with it I had major issues with all the different versions of the "modules" ... but then it was an early version ... its up to 2.0 now so :)

Ruby on Rails

go to the get excited section .. and click on the creating a weblog in 15 minutes :)


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Sorry to hijack this thread but are there advantages for someone whose a say.. intermediate to advanced php developer to move to ruby or CakePHP or whatever?

I've always been kind of a purist but whatever gets the job done I suppose?


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A structured framework

Automagic code generation ...

Proper framework you can plug bits into ... (reuse others tried and tested code)

and so on ? :)

Look at a few of the examples and if you can't see why it or something similar would be useful .. give up now :D
There's no harm in knowing more than one language. In fact it's a good thing as it will introduce you to new approaches and techniques, and open your eyes to the limitations or design flaws in your current language of choice (or which there are always some).

I've always been suspicious of PHP as a language due to its carbuncle nature and poor design (IMO) and while I appreciate the flexibility of it and that you can use one of the many frameworks or OS applications built with it to great success, ultimately when you have to drop down into the language you'll feel the pain.

PHP 5 lessens this to some degree I suppose.

With your OO background none of the popular languages are going to present much of a problem so why not take a look at both Ruby and Python and decide which you prefer to work with? If you like neither then stick with PHP.

The frameworks are not as important as the underlying languages IMO.
Yes I agree

Yes its good to know more than one language. I'd have learnt ASP but I hate the commercial nature of it and I think there's nothing worse than relying on MS for reliable servers. :)

I'm quite enjoying reading through Ruby on Rails at the moment and the simplicity of it in terms of separation of content / design and business logic.

Since I'm familiar with PHP its what im using now. I think ROR will be useful for a future upcoming project.
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