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So I've recently taken up running, about 5k every second day of the week... and I love it! :) Until the start of lent (when I started this running) I hadn't done any real exercise for months. I found I was tired alot of the time and took a lot of naps. I lacked energy and concentration. Work life balance seemed really tough to achieve. But, having put on my running shoes and pushed myself to get out on the road I feel ten times more energetic, productive, healthy and happy. I never thought I'd say this but, if theres a day I can't run for whatever reason, I really really miss it. Right now I'm working, but looking out the window and dreaming about my run in the sun later today. Its really changed my lifestyle just a short run every second day.

Does anyone else run? Or cycle or swim? Do you find the same benefits as me? :calm:


Yes, I've done the same. It has had a big impact on quality of life; I'm no longer having to nap during the day. However, eating better in the last 6 months has had the most impact; weight loss has improved life more. I'm ho9ing to run a 6.5k in a few weeks time and then try for a 10K.
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