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Hi all,

Long time since I was on here. Bit of a funny one for you.

I often get asked by clients to make a "layout that means there will be no scrolling down, I hate scrolling down". I've always found this to be a strange request, as I would much rather scroll down (a bit, not miles) then have to click through to another page to find relevant information. This is the case I make to fight the anti-scrolling request and it usually works. However recently met a client that I think explains the source of the request, he uses a laptop and it's touch pad instead of using a mouse, and he says "no one he knows uses a mouse!" which i find hard to believe.

Anyways, rather then building a website that suits the way he uses a pc, what I am wondering is:

1] Do any other web designers out there get the same request, or is it just me an my wacky clients?
2] Are there any cast iron usability arguments that I can use to dissuade clients of their no scrolling requests - apart from the "obvious page load v scroll down" argument.
3] What are the usage stats for mouse v touch pads? (getting desperate if i get this far, but out of curiosity if nothing else).


Basically, I am 99% sure that it is better practice to scroll down then to divide content across multiple screens/pages but is there a report that I can refer to that proves as much.

Thanks for your help as always.

Not open for further replies.
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