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There are just too many :(

I barely even read the titles at the moment ...

Needs to be a very specific subset for me ... unfortunately everyone would have their own subset some php apps ... some java ... some more interested in ubuntu security holes .. and so on


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It would be possible to select a subset, but I'm not sure how much use that would be...

As things stand anyone who is a serious developer / webmaster should keep an eye on the updates / holes for the apps they are using..


Teaching / Designing / Developing
I use about 12 ish open source apps and I must admit I don't actively monitor them for updates more a case I visit their homepages and go .. oh ... its been updated ... read the change log and see what the changes are.

Edit: guess that doesn't make me serious about it all :p

probably add myself to a few mailing lists for updates on them.
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