Self Service SMS / Text Marketing Solutions?

Discussion in 'Offline Advertising and Marketing' started by mneylon, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. mneylon

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    Does anyone have any recommendations for self-service SMS / text marketing solutions?

    Just wanted to investigate the costs etc.,

    Obviously the solution has to work with all Irish networks and ideally would allow users to subscribe by sending an SMS from an Irish mobile

    I'm not interested in outsourcing it
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  3. mneylon

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    Have you tried them?
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  5. links

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    Hi Blacknight.

    There is a Irish company that some of my clients have recommended for bulk text messaging. I know you can use all the irish networks and manage it yourself similar to mailchimp Their prices are on Low Cost, SMS Marketing, Web Text, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Database Cleaning

  6. paul

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    On this topic (just removed some spam here) I use Twilio Cloud Communications - APIs for Voice, VoIP and Text Messaging they have a cool API. I use it for verifying accounts on where I only allow people with Irish mobile numbers get a code to verify themselves. Prices range from USD 1.4c to USD 5.6c for Ireland Twilio SMS Pricing - Pay as you go for SMS and text messaging , you also need to reserve a phone number to send from which costs $1/month I think. You can also port numbers to them, but I haven't tested this aspect.

    Right now they don't have the facility to have a virtual SMS inbox on the Irish network.
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    Great tips. The only successful element to connect commerce, social networking and multimedia is the mobile phone. The growth of SMS (texting) and its popularity is explained by its easy access. Almost everyone has a mobile phone now. Most people have their phone with them wherever they go. This makes texting the perfect structure to connect and build on other avenues. :)

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