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Discussion in 'Domains and domaining' started by fonzi, Apr 17, 2013.

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    I have had an enquiry about two domains I have (a .ie and a .org). They both have the same name, it's a business that has the .com version that wants to buy them off me. I know you can't sell a .ie, you have to transfer the business name. I have the business name registered with the CRO so as I understand it if you have a dot .ie registered to a company or business, then you can sell the company and the domain would transfer to the new owners of the company.
    However how do I sell the "company"?
    As for the .org, do I sell it by giving written permission to the company or what is the procedure?
    I am quite new to this so I want to make sure they don't do me over and that I get paid. There are quite a few other threads on here about selling .ie domains and I read them but they didn't make it very clear to me.
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    For the .org - it's very simple. Depending on how much money is involved you'd simply be transferring the domain to the new holder after receipt of payment. If there's a lot of money in play you might want to use a 3rd party service to handle the escrow

    For the .ie there's a change of holder process. Your registrar should be able to advise on how to handle it.
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    Thanks for the reply. No offence but this is precisley the reason why I can't find any information on how to do this;because of all this jargon (escrow, registrar etc.). The money could be between €500 -€800. don't know if this is enough to justify using a third party

    Edit:OK I found out from my registrar (the hosting company I registered the domain from (register365) that if I want to transfer it back to register365:

    To transfer your .ie domain over to us you will need to fax us in a letter on your company letter headed paper authorising the transfer of the domain over to us. This letter need to be signed by the owner of the .ie domain.

    There is an administration fee of €21.00+VAT for each .ie domain name you transfer in, however this extends the registration of your domain by an additional year.
    Once we have received the authorisation letter and payment, we will contact the Irish Domain Registry and arrange for the domain to be transferred over to us. This will not change any of the current setting of the domain including the DNS, you will need to do this after the domain has transferred over.

    I presume in order to transfer to the company I am selling it to, I have to do the above (fax in a letter to register365 signed by me authorising the transfer of the domain over to the company).
    For the .org I presume I do the same?
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