Sending Newsletters, Who is Responsible?

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Quick question for the masses.....

I send email newsletters of behalf of a client. They supply me the subscriber list, I build the newsletter and click send.

I have questioned the validity of the list many times but have been told it's all above board.

So if someone reported the emails as spam to the relevant authorities, who will be held accountable? Me for actually sending the emails or my client as I'm acting as a contactor.
My thoughts on this, not sure if it's legal per se.

You are sending on their behalf, they have given you the right to send it, so it would be them who are responsible.

More importantly if you don't trust your client, then I'd tend to stay away from working with them.

How do you handle SPAM reports / unsubscribes ? I would set them up with some sort of account with MailChimp / Campaign Monitor / NewsWeaver (irish) / SpinnakerPro (irish) where subscribes are handled by a system. If you just email 100's of people on BCC and via your email a/c or ISP then I would change this, as you could still have issues.


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Currently I'm using "MailList Controller" to send the email and I have coded a PHP unsubscribe system.

That said I have no way to track what emails were marked as spam (maybe there is a way I don't know about).

I'm hoping to get them across to Aweber which will require that the whole list opt's in again.