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We all know the importance of backlinks - especially from .edu domains.
There are plenty of lists online giving .edu forums and sites. However, most that I've found prevent you adding a link. Those that don't have webmaster's / moderators who won't allow any post with a url link.
Has anyone got any advice on backlinks with .edu domains in particular ?
I'm putting my site link here...but it'll probably be removed !!


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No problem :)
But just posting a link in the hope of a backlink won't really help you - apart from anything else the "value" of links from this site (and many others) probably isn't that high to begin with
I wouldn't get too excited about .edu links - focus on content etc., and the links should follow - though you probably won't get them from .edu domains these days


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In the forum you can not post any links, it removes and banned for forming on it.
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