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Discussion in 'SEO Help' started by Cunning Alias, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Cunning Alias

    Cunning Alias New Member

    Could anyone recommend a SEO Course in Dublin? A quick search has shown me a good few but I was wondering if any of you have experience with any of them.

    Im looking for a short course that is aimed at someone who knows what they are doing as far as web design / programming is concerned.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. eamo

    eamo New Member

    I done a course by a group called (i think). It was quite expensive but it thought me a least the basics. Its better to get google certified in my view.
  3. briangillet

    briangillet New Member


    If you Would you like your site to appear higher in the search results for your target keywords then you should really join SEO training courses .you can also take such courses online.I took the course from and really benefited a lot from there course
  4. pfurey101

    pfurey101 New Member

  5. brianbaru

    brianbaru New Member

    Are you looking for an SEO, programming or web-design course? They are all completely different disciplines.
  6. markscully

    markscully New Member

    SEO is a marketing disclipline, and within Ireland I've witnessed a lot of poor practice and mis-guidance about what constitutes white-hat SEO.

    I'd highly recommend if you're serious about developing a grasp of SEO and the wider aspects of Inbound Marketing.
  7. paul

    paul Ninja

    mark ... do you work for them ? Mark Scully's Profile - Moz
    Surely you should declare any potential conflicts of interest.
    To the original poster , there are lots of ebooks / blogs / online courses that you could try also. Also another approach is to develop a website yourself and see what works and what doesn't work SEO wise. Not everything you read, or learn may work.
  8. markscully

    markscully New Member

    Starting a new position with them soon but feel free to offer alternatives.

    From experience I've yet to find a comprehensive course which offers real-world examples and insights into the industry which is better than DMI.

    Like you say though, the best method of learning is by taking ownership of a website and incorporating learnings into it.

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