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Hi All

I've recently noticed my serp falling for "wedding video cork".Sepr no 4
I was looking at the competition and I've more backlinks going to my site.

I think my site is well optimised.

Any anyone could have a look and give me some ideas on improving the serp I'd really appreciate it.

For "wedding video kerry" sepr no 4
For "wedding video waterford" no 2

my site is Wedding Video Cork Kerry Waterford Laois Offaly Tipperary Kilkenny

Thanks in advance.


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It looks like you're stuffing keywords


You should at least 'try' to make your Meta descriptions a little more natural.

Just because your competitors do it, I would still try to make them more readable

I did see a lot of strange content on your site, like a the readings Wedding Mass & Ceremony Readings | Wedding Video Cork.Wedding Videos & Videographer Cork
the mass book template Wedding Mass Booklet Templates | Wedding Video Cork.Wedding Videos & Videographer Cork
The over all structure of your site seems a little confusing to say the least.

The contact page, should really be it's own page, not that drop down section from the header IMHO.


You should at least 'try' to make your Meta descriptions a little more natural.
Meta descriptions does not help with search engine ranking, it helps with click-through rate.
What he needs to make "more natural" is EVERYTHING that he puts on the page.

From the looks of the titles (also put me off at checking out the website), it's spam.
You should know that there's been an update to Google's algorithm targeting websites like yours, ;)


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Paul know his stuff M@rc - pretty much in the top ten SEO's in Ireland in my opinion.

The description doesn't get used for ranking but it is still parsed. Paul's advice is absolutely applicable.

There are multiple updates to Google all the time. The last one included 52 in one day.


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Optimise For User First

Everything said above is true. Optimise for the user first, then the search engine.

Use your keywords in page titles and headings but in a natural way. The latest Google update has affected many sites they deemed to be 'over-optimised' both on page and off.


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I would say, overall your website is very well optimised. You have obviously been researching and putting a lot of effort into it, well done!
I would only have a few observations that might help. I would have a very different view to some about your keyword density. Your keyword density is actually too low. Yes, I agree it's not very attractive to read but you certainly aren't stuffing with your main keywords. I'm assuming you are chasing the terms "wedding video cork". As an example the keyword density for wedding is at 1.42% - Video 0.66% - Cork - 1.56% in the body of your page. You actually need to double your keyword density to between 3-4% of your keywords. Actually, you are doing nothing to penalise your site from a Google perspective.

I see your biggest failing as the anchor texts in your backlinks. The results that are showing suggest that your backlinks using the phrase "wedding video cork" is less than 2%. You need to raise this dramatically, maybe closer to the 20-25% mark. Raise your content level by another 5%, and add a wedding type favicon. I can see you are using social media but you should spread it across more platforms . Pinterest is ideal for your industry. You need to add a conversion form. Converting visitors to clients is your goal, get email address from them and interact more on that basis.

Overall, I would give it 7 out of 10. As mentioned in other posts your title and descriptions are un-friendly and should use more call to action phrases and if you add more of the backlinks I mentioned from relevant authority sites you will get much better longer term ranking in the serp's. As a final note, having more backlinks than a competitor has very little to do with how you rank against them. It's 100% about quality not quantity. Best of luck.


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well said brianbaru, plus just keep working because we got a hit with the last google panda update but it will get back as more as you keep all your content clean, avoid a lot of keywords...

Plus there is no SPAM on your website M@rc say that word on all his posts.. fanatic
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