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I am having some odd behavior on one of my sites, Request's for "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" every 11 - 12 minutes since yesterday , same IP from a whole range of operating systems. I have banned the IP in htaccess. I have uploaded a sample from this mornings log file. Has any one else seen this ?. or could any one tell what it is .


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The UserAgent strings suggest that the same IP is being used by multiple browsers and operating systems. Maybe it's a proxy of some kind?
The WHOIS data isn't too helpful, but it looks like an IP from a range assigned to PSYCHZ-NETWORKS which is a hosting provider in the US..
Thanks for the reply BK, the requests have continued over the weekend its now down to one every seven minutes.
Its like a time bomb. Looks harmless but will remain banned.
To Conclude this one
It was a little time bomb, it exploded with over two thousand referrer spam hits per day.
this is a spam trick I have not seen before .
The spammer joins a forum creates a thread or post, drops in 3-4 links to his own sites . I am not sure how the next bit works, I get referrer hits from the forum, but with his original IP address. Of course if I follow the link to the forum I get his planted links.

I complained to Psychz.Net and in three days the IP stopped and these two and took up the job. watch out for this guy tonygaga2010

to Be continued .............