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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by MOH, May 31, 2011.

  1. MOH

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    Anyone recommend a decent set of contact icons (free for commercial use)?
    Nothing fancy, just something that include facebook, twitter, phone and e-mail

    Or even what I should be googling - "social media icons" give me sets that don't include phone and e-mail, most of the "contact icons" sets don't include fb and twitter. Sure I'm missing an obvious search phrase, my brain hasn't really got going yet today.
  2. php.allstar

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  3. MOH

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    Bookmarked those, they'll definitely come in handy again.
    Unfortunately no fb/twitter ones that I can see, and I was looking from something slightly more Web2.0-y (Web2.0-ish?)
    Should have mentioned, 32px
  4. TwoHeadsWebDesign

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    Sometimes theres questions around the licensing of what you think are free that you simply cant answer so to be on the safe side why not go for one of the more affordable stock companies. The best I have found (value versus quality) are - all above board but you wont have to fork out the crazy sums others charge - you should get your icons with a license from as little as a couple of Euro. Then you can rest easy your site wont come under fire.
  5. MOH

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