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Discussion in 'Online Marketing Discussion' started by mneylon, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Since I know quite a few people have setup Facebook pages and getting "fans" can be a pain ...

    Please post a link to your Facebook page below

    NB: This is not a thread to discuss the merits of Facebook fan pages. If you want to discuss them there's another thread going that is more suitable.
  2. babyboy808

    babyboy808 New Member

  3. Redfly

    Redfly Moderator

  4. Urban Chicken Coops

    Urban Chicken Coops New Member

  5. Merrill

    Merrill New Member

  6. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I've added them all as favourites to the IWF FB page :)
  7. joomlage

    joomlage New Member

  8. Simona

    Simona New Member

    Hi, this is a nice treat, Blacknight, we've just setup ours recently - 3R Sales & Marketing - would also appreciate fanning... Many thanks!
  9. Tom

    Tom New Member

  10. byronyasgur

    byronyasgur New Member

  11. bober

    bober New Member

  12. Andrus

    Andrus New Member

  13. jol

    jol New Member

  14. php.allstar

    php.allstar New Member

  15. mailmrluke

    mailmrluke New Member

  16. This is mine for all your doggie clothes and accessories :D Best Friends World | Facebook

    Thanks for setting this thread up going back to "like" all the others ;)
  17. Patrick Byrne

    Patrick Byrne New Member

  18. davidbrett

    davidbrett New Member

  19. dota2hook

    dota2hook New Member

  20. dizz101

    dizz101 New Member

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