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I have two queries:

1. I have about 7 x websites all hosted by Letshost. 6 of them use cpanel but to my surprise when I added a new website recently letshost gave me parallel plesk instead. Apparently to get cpanel you now have to pay extra above the original cost of hosting. When did this start, I have not been charged extra for cpanel before. Parrallel plesk is okay but not as user friendly as cpanel.

2. I contacted letshost about one of my websites to request shell access so that I can upgrade to the current version of my website software (mediawiki). I was told that lateshost no longer give shell access due to a number of hacking attempts on shared servers. Instead I would have to get my own VPS server for a cost of around 18 euro (for entry level) plus 10 euro a month for cpanel. Is this not a bit of a joke that website owners cannot get shell access on standard hosting in order to perform basis site maintenance?


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We stopped offering shell access on shared servers a few years ago and while one or two people may have complained most didn't. If you want shell access to a server you're probably better off with a VPS of some kind, so I'd tend to agree with their position on this
I was contacted by Daragh from Letshost regarding my initial post regarding Parrallel Plesk and Cpanel. He was extremely helpful. He advised that parrallel plesk can be swapped over to cpanel at no cost and that cpanel is free with shared hosting but requires a license fee for VPS (makes sense in hindsight).

Similar to Blacknights post above, he also advised that VPS is now required for shell access for security reasons. Some script commands and updates can be carried out by the hosting seller (Letshost in this case) on request.

Thanks for the help.
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