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I am fairly new to hosting, I had to set up a domain controller on our server at work recently and I picked a domain name that is in use already.
At the moment we can only get at the sites hosted on the server by typing in the ip address but I am just wondering; if I had given the domain a name that hadn't been taken, could anyone acces my site by name instead of ip address?
i don't want to change teh domain name as it could mess up the sites that are hosted on it.
Told you it was a stupid question


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You should change the domain name as your setup could be having an adverse impact on other users

As to whether anyone outside could reach the sites on it or not would depend on your firewall settings
I don't want to change the domain name on the server as the last time I did that it caused me so many problems that I had to change it back.
Nobody knows teh name of the domain as they only use the ip address.
My question was more general in that does it mean when you set up a server, install a domain controller on it and then open a browser and type in the domain name/path to a website which is in IIS on the server, it will then appear?
Just like a properly hosted site in other words?
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