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Came into the office last week to discover that one of my clients sites was hacked from Indonesia. They'd placed a .htaccess file in the root that redirected certain pages to some really odd sites. You get the picture.

Can anyone recommend a website watching tool or hacking alert tool. I'm looking for something that will monitor a site, alert me when there are changes and email me what those changes are.

Most of the sites we look after are only accessed by one or two people so although there would be a certain amount of emails generated, there shouldn't be too many to handle. It'd make spotting hacks much much easier.

Cheers guys.


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With it you can monitor the complete evolution of a web page; added links, added content, removed links and removed content.

Plus if you are waiting for an important change you can be notified on your phone.

If you are really worried about someone hacking in and changing something that is delicate, it can monitor every minute, which is most of the web monitors don't do.

And also it is server based, so your computer does not have to be on all the time polling.
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