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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by Arch-Stanton, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Arch-Stanton

    Arch-Stanton New Member

    Yes, this is exactly my point, not everybody wants to do this.

    Here’s one thing that could be easier;

    Log on to .irl >> fill in form >> pay approx 10 bucks >> have full control of your DNS/Nameservers for that tld. (3 to 5 minutes max)
  2. SlitheryImp

    SlitheryImp New Member

    To be honest, I'd rather put in a little more effort, and pay more to get an Official domain.
  3. Arch-Stanton

    Arch-Stanton New Member

    Ahhhhh I see, an “Official Domain” now we’re getting to the heart of it.

    This is a sticky point which also brings up the very running of ICANN, what do you class as “official”, the fact that a non-profit organisation such as icann which bows and scrapes to the interests of big business (American Big Business) has awarded each Country in the world the right to operate their own cTLD and the rest of us just follow along like sheep. All we’re short of doing is “tugging our forelock” at the very mention of those who have a strangle hold on the running of the Internet.

    Not me thanks !!!

    The Internet is changing rapidly and publicly held TLD’s are a way of the future.
  4. jmcc

    jmcc Active Member

    And from there to oblivion. The fact that the .irl zone is not accessible by the majority of the internet makes this whole exercise a waste of $10. Basically this "new" Irish tld has the same problem the old "new" Irish tlds had - that of reality and an installed userbase.

  5. Arch-Stanton

    Arch-Stanton New Member

    Thanks for your comments and the comments of all the other posters, I'm under no illusion, with regard to the public root etc., The exercise will be an uphill struggle untill it's sorted and the risk is "will it ever be sorted", I suppose only time will tell.
  6. jmcc

    jmcc Active Member

    the reason I'm so cynical about all this is that I have the stats for every hoster in .ie/com/net/org/biz/info going back to 2000 here in front of me on this computer. (currently working on a website with all this info on it) The only new business orientated gTLDs (biz/info) have been a bit of disaster and never really lived up to their aspirations about being competitors to .com. That is a more important point - there are more Irish .com/net/org/biz/info registrations than there are .ie registrations. Your competition is not actually .ie but .com because the same argument you used could be applied to a .com registration.

  7. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    And pigs fly as well
  8. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member


    If you take the case of .info for example they had to give away the domains in a hope to grow the TLD.

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