Sites Running IPv6

Advert test


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If it's ipv6 only you won't be able to view it unless you are connecting over ipv6 :)

Apart from that there shouldn't be any other obvious differences apart from the DNS entries


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To be honest it's becoming pointless having it has IPv6 - the traffic just isn't presenting itself yet.
Well it's a bit of a catch 22. If there aren't any sites / services (content) available on ipv6 networks then nobody will be able to move across
Hosters are now offering IPv6

After many years, finally my hoster (Dreamhost) is offering IPv6 hosting in the USA! Yeah! I've been on IPv6 for many years, still no native IPv6 ISP in my location of Montreal Canada. Only via 6rd tunneling, but its a start!

-Joseph Renda
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