Skimlinks Referral Program Launched

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Skimlinks have launched a referral program you can earn up to 12% by referring publishers to them
Awesome. This is the company I WISH I had have thought of/set up. I started something similar with ONE network about a year before they did but they really took the idea and turned it into what it should be... lots of networks.
Skimlinks - any update by those who know it?

Hi BK and RedFly,

Came across Skimlinks recently and have reviewed their site - an awesomely large crew, young and savvy too.

Does anyone have an update on this? Is anyone using it?

It looks hugely promising - and worth giving them 25% of revenue for handling ALL - but no idea if it works as stated. Interested in hearing from anyone who has real experience with Skimlinks.

best of a Monday to yous,



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I'm using it on here and on a couple of other sites. It's one of the few sources of revenue on this site that actually works!
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