Social Network for Harmonica Players

I'd like to sell my site but I don't even know where to start.
I've built it up over the last 10 years and have no idea how much it might be worth.
You can get an idea of the traffic to it of you click the sitemeter at the bottom the page.

The last few AdSense cheques were:
January €341.47
December €225.92
November €229.67
October €233.71
September €200.61

Any help or suggestions would be great
There is an iVocalize conference room on the site that costs about €45 a month. It's a nice feature but not used as much as it should be, which means only a few of the members would miss it.
Apart from that, the only other expense is the hosting.

Just as an added note. The members area is run on Profile Manager Premium which I believe is transferable to a new owner.


Staff member
You'd need to check if the license can be transferred.

Apart from that it's really a matter of setting a sale price that you're happy with


Staff member
I don't think there really is - I'd recommend checking what people are trying to sell sites for .. check out some of the bigger marketplaces
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