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I have two website which I have been trying to get onto the front page of

One is 12 months old, another 2 months old which has the keyword in the URL.

If anyone had 60 seconds for feedback I would really appreciate it.

Have spent all money on photography and web development so don't really have a budget for SEO in Ireland ;-(

However if I new which areas to focus on, I'd try and aim my effort there ;-)

All help appeciated. PM me and I'll reply with the details. Prefer not to post here.


Saw the site the other day actually, liked the idea. Well it was this site : Birthday Cufflinks , but I take it that they are the same.
With retail sites you want to have a level of trust. So I would get a SSL cert and slap that on the site.

URL structure is messy Greece Cufflinks 1 cent euro | World Coin Cufflinks , low content on each of these product pages
right hand side navigation is not clear on your main page Cufflinks: Silver Cufflink, Vintage Cufflinks & Buy Antique Cufflinks - World Coin Cufflinks
pages like Finland cufflinks | World Coin Cufflinks should also have more text

Who ever told you to get [noparse][/noparse] it leaves you in the position of building links to them all.
Hi Brian, had a quick look just now...nice idea and they look like really top quality products. Your on-site SEO is quite good apart from maybe lacking a bit content-wise. Your missing a robots.txt file Like paul mentioned earlier an SSL cert would be a worthwhile addition. Apart from that you need to get working off-site.... I ran a quick ranking check for ya using the keywords cufflinks, cufflinks online, dad cufflinks, mens cufflinks, novelty cufflinks, silver cufflinks and the only result in the first five pages was "cufflinks online" which ranks 11th (page2) on If your budget won't stretch to off-site maybe you should consider setting up some sort of commission deal with big online jewellers, gift stores, etc or even set up an ebay store that links back to your site.

p.s. i've bookmarked dad's birthday is just round the corner!!
The topic Sos on SEO for is of particular interest to me because I have a number of websites which rank reasonably well on and but barely show up at all on (even after a few months). I know that different data centres update at different times but I would'nt have thought that would lag behind by months. Two of the sites I have in mind are and
This puzzles me because I have some other sites (e.g. which are highly ranked on both and for my chosen keywords.
Does anybody have any knowledge why there should be such a difference?
Ranking on "" is a bit of a misnomer.

The reason that "" ranks better in the UK:

1. It's showing as a UK site (Google)
2. It's not showing as an Irish site (Google)
3. Its hosted in the UK (, Comprehensive Information About Stayincork | Quarkbase)

What I've done above: I've Googled your site at and selected "pages from the UK only" - and your site ranks #1. The same criteria for Ireland and no site. You'll probably experience similar results to the .IE over at etc - because your site is being seen as UK.

You may well be targeting the UK market and not want to change the GL to Ireland (which would then possibly lose you some ranking/traffic in the UK) but ultimately Google hasn't found enough data to rank you both in Ireland and the UK
Thanks Link8r.
I think I'll change the GL as there isn't much traffic from the UK anyway.
Another site of mine,, which is hosted with the same hosting company in the UK is ranked No1 or near it for many of my main keywords (killarney hotels, killarney hotel, hotels in killarney, tralee hotels) in both and but not so good on
If there isn't much traffic in the UK, then there probably isn't much in Ireland either. I'd keep it open. GL tends to kill traffic in some cases. Try GL=US!
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