Source Control

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Thanks for all the information.

I am about to set up SVN and use a Visual Studio plugin to hook up my development environment to my source control.

Question I have, what do ye guys use as a repository, PC, server.... I am thinking of using a VPS for it and also use the VPS for some of my clients websites.
Springloops - you can also setup servers to deploy to from your account. I reckoned there wasn't much point using my PC in case anything happened to it, and I don't know enough (or need to know!) how to set it up on a server.

A similar hosted svn is Beanstalk. I haven't used it, but I'm sure you'll find reviews of both through Google.
Right lads installed subversion and the SCplugin on the mac, trying to check things out but have no idea about repositories etc, where do I go from here?
Not open for further replies.
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