Spam Fighting (VBulletin)

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You could probably get bad behavior (sic) to work with both vbulletin and phpbb2 if you did a bit of work (though maybe that's already been done)

Unlike the other suggestions that I've seen bad behavior blocks them before they even get to post anything, as it does it based on UserAgent strings amongst other things...
I think I'm still using it on my blog...
That's the business!

I had askimet installed as my main anti spam protection. But for ages it wasn't working as well as it did on a old installation of vb. It was only after i installed another mod this morning that i noticed in the permissons for usergroups the following beautiful peice of text:
Filter Posts With Akismet Yes/No.

I nearly cried :mad:

So what else are you using? I installed the No Spam! mod which replaces the image verficiation with a challange but it didn't work out of the box and i never had the time to revisit it. I'm going to have to in order to solve all this crap.
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