SQL Server on VPS causing issues

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Hi all,

Wondering if someone could help me out. I have a VPS which I use to host 8 of my websites for clients. It all works fine but I am running in to Out of Memory exceptions on the box and different times. Obviously from the error, its an issue with resources. The only solution is to restart the box. (windows server).

I have SQL Server installed on the box and use it for a backend for 4 of my sites. This is the source of my problem as its eating up memory and causing the exceptions. So need to remove SQL Server from the server and host my databases somewhere else.

The VPS is with blacknight and they have been helpfull by offering me 3 sql server databases on their own server. However this isnt enough for me and another drawback is that the databases they provide are SQL Server 2005 and not 2008 like I require.

So I am now looking at what my options maybe and looking for advice from others that may have been in a similar position as me. The databases contain product and website data, no payment information, credit card info etc.

Are there any companies out there that provide sql server hosting for 2008? Reliable, 99% uptime etc that I could use. Or what advice would people give me.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Could you setup a VPS just for SQL?


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Yes I could do that but the extra cost of a VPS allocated entirely for SQL Server is something that I cannot afford at present. I was hoping there may be other options that I could consider. Thanks for your suggestion though.


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Are you keeping database connections permanently open? Maybe connect on demand and see if that helps.

I have used DiscountASP.net for my back end database for years and I can't remember it ever being unavailable.


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At a guess, it could be badly written queries that are selecting much more than is needed (select *) or an over-reliance on subqueries. (I'm not familiar with SQL Server so these are just generic possibilities.) The other thing to look at is the load on each of the dbs and see if the problem is just due to one db rather than all of them.

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