Stand-alone web directory CMS


Hi Guys, it's been awhile since I've been here but it was nice to be able to remember my username and password. I want to build a directory where members list meetings for offline/realworld social groups.
I've been trying to use different plugins for wordpress but I don't seem to be finding what I want. So I'm hoping to find a stand-alone web directory script that is its own CMS, if that makes any sense. However it seems that when I do a google search, all I seem to find are wordpress plugins. My question is: are there any big names in Directory scripts? Kind of like how phpBB is a big name in forum software. I hope my post doesn't look like I'm asking people to endorse one product over another. I'm just looking for a few hints on where to start. I'd hate to have this thing up and running only to find out that I overlooked one of the major tools out there.

thanks James :)
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