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And as for

Bus Éireann - Home

The less said, the better
Hee-hee, I saw that over on CreativeIreland and was gonna post here for all you experts to have a laugh (or throw up...?) but you beat me to it.

What a joke. That's all I can say. A button for the 'visually impaired' that's hard to see even by those of us not impaired, and with no alt tags for the screen reader :eek:.

I think it's been nominated for a Golden Spider :D (I must add that I am only joking, because it is quite possible...)
That's Irish businesses for you. They make a lot of money but don't believe in Internet yet.

I was talking to a business owner the other day, telling me his company is worth well over the 1/4 million but his website is worth 2 cent only. When I said to him do u know what he said?
"quote" - I don't care. It was done by a friend of mine who owed me a favour."quote"
That's Irish businesses for you. They make a lot of money but don't believe in Internet yet.
Yip. I know a few Irish men who live in the States and trade all over the world but refuse to even try to do business with Ireland because so many business owners here are just happy with what they have and cant see the bigger picture.

As for the Bus Éireann home page :rolleyes:
To be honest, been here for the last 11 years and haven't seen worse yet.
I don't know what to believe. Makes so hard to achieve your targets in life. There is so much selfishness.


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Cost of ad in national paper = +/- €1000 one issue

Cost of high quality website = €3000 - €8000 lasts a few years ....
Cost of ad in national paper = +/- €1000 one issue
  1. You have no idea how many people read it.
  2. You have no idea how long hey read it for.
  3. You have very little information with which to test and improve further Ad variations.
  4. You have very little idea on conversion ratios.
  5. The readers were probably not actively searching for your product/service in the first place.
  6. You're limited to a certain amount of content.
  7. And as mentioned, it has a shelf life of about 1/2 a day or the 10 minutes the person took to skip to the next page.
And thats just a few of the top of my head...
Cost of ad in national paper = +/- €1000 one issue

Cost of high quality website = €3000 - €8000 lasts a few years ....
Just to add a bit of info, I make/send a lot of ads to National newspapers and the cost of even a quarter-page ad in one of the Nationals is roughly €8,000.

A well-designed website makes even more sense now!
Not a fan of the new page - I just don't know where to start reading. The site is so busy and the fonts are awful, also the dark grey sidebar keeps drawing my attention away from the articles.
I'm really glad to see that someone pointed out the lack of alt tags and problems that users of screen readers would come against in this thread. I my self use Jaws, Freedom Scientific - Low Vision, Blindness and Learning Disability Adaptive and Assistive Software and Hardware Technology a screen reader for windows. On a side note, To register for an account on this forum I was asked to write the characters I see in the graphic. guess what! Funnily enough I don't see any text in the graphic! Could someone please get on to the site creater about this? Its kind of funny that here we are talking about good web design techniques and the makers of the site cant even be bothered to provide an alternative to the validation graphic capcha. Sorry, that's my rant over. Them things just annoy the hell out of me. Put your self in my position. I go to register on a site and I have to ask one of the others in my office to read a stupid graphic!
Darragh - the forum uses 3rd party software - and the visual code is used to prevent automatic spamming.

What would you suggest as an alternative?
What would you suggest as an alternative?
Take a look at the validation offered by Microsoft's hotmail service. This provides a link to an alternative audio described image.

On there is a validation graphic similar to that on this site however a graphic link labeled Play audio and type the numbers you hear is very near it. I am aware of the usefulness of these validation methods however I really wish people would find an alternative.

Some sites provide a link for emailing support to verify that users are genuine however this is never a suitable alternative to independantly completing a form. More information on this can be found on NCBI CFIT: Centre For Inclusive Technology. Promotion Education Assistance
ouch I had a look at that passport thingy - in my mind that is very unhelpful. Pop up windows, extremely low audio - how exactly does that work towards a more useful solution?

would a more viable solution not be to be emailed a registration key via a clickable link?
Your absolutely right. Something that didn't rely on anything relating to graphics or dependants on any client side scripting such as an Email based confirmation and validation method would be a much better solution. I only gave that idea as it was the one that was closest to that already in use on the site.
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