Step by step guide to setting up a VPS

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Hi all,

I am thinking about getting VPS hosting from Blacknight. I dont really have any skills with Linux so I would go with a Windows box because I know my way around those systems. Does anyone know a good step by step guide on how to setup a VPS for a small web hosting business.
I want to run PHP, mySQL and some email hosting system. I can install PHP with IIS and mySQL but what email system should I use (is there an open source system?)

Anyone know if I get a VPS package with Plesk is there an email system installed on the server, I understand with plesk I can manage my server through a webpage but does this also include setting up new email addresses for clients?

Sounds like you would be better going with a control panel to help you manage the machine , i'd recommend going with virtualmin on a linux machine , or if your budget is abit bigger sticking plesk or cpanel on the machine. It'll make daily simple taks easier than via the command line.
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