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I bought the domain name International/European Striptease,Escorts,Amateur Girls Online Portal / Meet your Romanian Striptease Girl , Escort Girl , Amateur Girl Online on 25/05/2010(€ 9.90 EUR per year).

The website began to be fully functional 4 months ago. I created the website and I maintain and manage by myself but is a bit of work, depends on how much free time you have available.

You get revenue from the membership fee and the affiliate programs.

10 (new members) x 36 Euro (membership fee) = 360 Euro

100 (new members) x 36 Euro (membership fee) = 3.600 Euro and so on

The website is currently hosted on a free hosting plan, but you can always change to a paid hosting plan (most recommended for several reasons, transfer speed etc. ..)

Right now the website has 253 registered models and 8 members (288 Euro which I received).

After you buy the website you will get the backup of the website in compressed format . Zip (the website has over 500 mb at this time) and a text file with all details and passwords from FTP, database MySQL, hosting and domain name.

Contact me for any information.

Price:1200 Euro
website outlook values it at about 700 euro (1109 dollars) and the traffic rank is very bad while it generates about €1 per day from advertising.. you cant expect 1200 euro for that it would take nearly 4 years to make your money back.. make a reasonable price and il take it
depends on how you attract new members if you are good in advertising you can get 100 new members in a day , in a week, in a month and you get your money back i can't accept a lower price than 1.000 Euro