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I've recently signed up to StumbleUpon.

Can someone please give me the down-low on this....

What's it about?

How do I get most use from it?

How will it benefit my / your web site?

Also, is it similar-ish to Twitter in that you need to aquire followers / follow people & share information with each other?

Thanks in advance.


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StumbleUpon is one of the oldest site sharing sites on the web. Its very handy for sharing sites between people, particularly based on its look and feel. It's "different" to social networking sites because its very specific and linear in what it does and its not designed to find people but to find interesting/odd/good looking sites or truly awful.

The idea is to find people with similar interests in sites to you - not similar to you (being a differentiator between networking and sharing)


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The idea is to find people with similar interests in sites to you
Ok that's cool, thanks for the reply. I just need to get familiar with it - gonna give it a bash & see How I get on.

I'm looking forward to liking sites & being liked :)


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I know that a lot of the domainer types are using it to drive traffic to their sites, though I haven't spent enough time using it to really get to grips with it ..
I think I had an account a few years ago .. and of course I lost the login details :)
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