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I need help.

Please show me what I do wrong in seo for my website
I read many seo tutorials but no improvements in google rank.
If I do a search in google for gotomyprice the link for the main page does not have subcategories.
If I do a search in google for cell phones gotomyprice I don't get the page for cell phones from my website.

Thank you


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Hey Danny,

Quick question that may sound silly at first – how long have you been trying to get your SEO up? Just a quick reminder for you (and others who may not know) SEO does not always mean an instant gratification process, it can take upwards of a few weeks before you start to notice the increased, organic growth.


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Google clearly considers the words "cell phones" more relevant than your domain name and there is nothing you can do about this. You need to worl on your off-page SEO to improve the websites performance


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Is your website design and development a mobile ready? If yes, then it should be responsive and customized too. Only then, you'll find out if your browsing experience is optimal viewing and whether good or not. Primarily, this should respond to the users wants.


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No offense but I guess your traffic has nothing to do with your website here. Just make a market analysis between you and your competitors and see which one your clients like. I guess that is pretty easy to see the difference here. Visual aspect means credibility which is very important. Remember that. Other aspects like on page I guess you already have covered, right!?
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