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Hi All,

In general how long should it take a host to reply to emailed queries on hosting. I find that with they seem to take a long time to reply to queries for example

I sent a mail last wednesday and a reply was recieved this morning that is nearly six days. usually it takes 2-4 days for any queries to be answered.

What are other companies offering?



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Since their takeover register365 went completely downhill on response times think the last few times was about 2 days for them to respond.

With US hosting company Dreamhost ... things were generally about a day (this was a while back though and given time difference not ideal I presume the night shift has few people)

I'm with blacknight for most of my sites now and generally it ranges from 1 - 3 or 4 hours ... guess it depends on how busy a day it is in the support office :)


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The host I use will usually respond with the hour regardles of the priority of the case and let me know that they are looking at it or that they will get to it in turn etc.


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It could be down to the long weekend of last. Maybe there wasn't enough staff working those days and support tickets built up into a backlog. They're probably just getting though the tickets in the order they came in and unfortunatley your one was a bit down the line. Just a guess though. I agree that nearly 6 days for a reply is totally unacceptable, long weekend or no long weekend.

I use and on the odd occasion when I did send in a support ticket I found they responded very promptly, usually within an hour.


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We generally answer queries during office hours within an hour or two (it will vary on volumes)
Most of the other companies we interact with will respond within a couple of hours to a day.
The only entities that take more than a day to reply to support queries are state bodies :)


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I agree, register365 have gone to the dogs since they've been taken over. I'll be moving when the contract is up.
Myhost are good.


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I run my own dedicated server, and most of my clients have their sites / email hosted on same. I am not as competitive pricewise with the major hosting providers, but on the other hand if a client does have a problem they can either send an email or pick up the phone at any time and get an instant response.
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