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  1. carrielou

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    Hi all

    This may seem a very sill question but web design is all new to me and bit by bit I am picking up the basics.

    What I am trying to find out is:

    I build a table using html.

    Can I in some way insert txt and images into this table with using html?

    Tanks to anyone and everyone

  2. garycocs

    garycocs New Member

              <td><p>You can insert text here</p></td>

    W3Shools is a great site for learning the basics.

    HTML Tables
  3. louie

    louie New Member

    whatever you need has to go between the <td> & </td> tags
  4. IQtest

    IQtest New Member

    Here's example with image:
    <td><img src="path_to_image"></td>
  5. cmba138G

    cmba138G New Member

    They are all right carrielou. Why don't you visit w3schools website. You can find so much in there and they have the try it yourself page where you can edit your codes and run it. You can insert text and images between the <td> tags, in between the <table> and <tr> tags.
  6. veventoangel

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  7. epagini

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    Well if you are having problems building a table you can try using dreamweaver and use it's table creation tool.

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