Techspectations - Internet Marketing for the Irish Travel and Tourism industry

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Hey Everyone,

Just a quick announcement about the Internet Marketing conference, Techspectations, taking place in Dublin on Tuesday the 24th with a real and virtual presence.

  • Gillian Meussig (Founder, SEOmoz)
  • John Barron (Internet Marketing Director, Gravity Free)
  • Krishna De (CEO, BizGrowthMedia)
  • Michelle Conaghan (Business Development Manager, Avvio Ireland),
  • David Quaid (CEO, Primary Position)
So Tuesday will be "Ireland" day on twitter - we'd like to help get "#IRLDay" trending on twitter :) and I'd appreciate all of your help!

I wanted to invite everyone on IWF to join in with us - Virtually - via the Dublin sim on SecondLife, which will be screened in the conference facility, thus bringing everyone in the Sim to Dublin for real.

So, if you're available, at 4:30 (Dublin/London time) - please login to Dublin in Second Life and Join us :)

Thanks - David
Not open for further replies.
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