TES Affiliate Conference Lisbon|Cascais 28 February - 2 March 2020


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Sponsored Affiliate Passes available from November 4th, 2019.

Applications for sponsored affiliate passes for the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28 February 2020 until 02 March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais will be accepted starting November 4th, 2019.

To see if you qualify for a sponsored affiliate pass for the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference, please visit Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guide Lines - TES Affiliate Conferences

Please make sure to apply for your sponsored affiliate pass early since there will only be 2,200 entrance tickets available for this upcoming edition of the TES Affiliate Conferences. Late applications will not be considered.



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TES Affiliate Conferences adds low-cost Expo Spaces for Start-Ups

In order to provide start-ups with a better chance to also be able to participate in the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28 February 2020 until 02 March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais, TES Affiliate Conferences has decided to add 14 brand new, low cost Silver exhibition spaces to their exhibition space portfolio. These brand new exhibition spaces are mainly targeted towards start-ups and first time sponsors in order to allow them to participate in and experience the TES Affiliate Conference in Lisbon-Cascais with a limited financial risk before potentially investing into larger exhibition spaces in the future.

2 out of the 14 new exhibition spaces have already been sold, so hurry up in case that you are interested.

You can find an overview over the still available brand new Silver exhibitor spaces here (see page 2.0): SHOW FLOOR OVERVIEW TES 2020 LIS - TES Affiliate Conferences
Should you be interested in one of the brand new low-cost Silver exhibition spaces, please contact andreas@tesaffiliateconferences.com at your very earliest convenience.



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TES Exhibitor Packages at a Glance

You are not sure which exhibitor package is the right one for you at the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 28. February 2020 until 02. March 2020 in Lisbon-Cascais? No problem, to help you in your decision process we have created an easy one page exhibition space overview: https://tesaffiliateconferences.com/files/uploads/TES_Affiliate Conference_Sponsorships_Comparison_Overview.pdf

Here you can find the most relevant information condensed to just one page.

And should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact andreas@tesaffiliateconferences.com at any point in time. We are here to help you find the most suitable exhibition space for your enterprise.

Our latest expo floor plans you can find here:

TES 2020 LIS:

TES 2020 PRG:

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