TES Affiliate Conference Lisbon|Cascais 28 February - 2 March 2020

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Brand Bidding on Google Ads is the ""Goldmine"" that everyone knows about but no-one is talking about! See how this simple strategy could sky-rocket your performance, through real-world case studies from our own dating brands. Plus, how strategies like this and others demonstrate The Power of Tail Sales in the Dating Industry, to allow you to grow smarter and faster.

With insights from our own Google Ads Expert, Tom Marsh.

Presented by: Charis Demetriou, CEO, Elevven

After an intensive day of networking, it is time to refill your energy reserves.

Sponsored by: ChargeBackHelp/Billapay

In this presentation we will expand on last TES presentation based on now live experience running automation for 20+ traffic sources as a RedTrack.io. We will cover:
- difference between automation and optimisation, and why they are not the same
- difference between the goals of different points of optimisation provides (traffic sources / trackers)
- we will also talk about conversion attribution models (last-click and multi-touch), how they influence optimisation and why it matters for affiliates and advertisers.

Presented by: Vlad Zhovtenko, Product Owner, RedTrack.io

Trafficshop Ad network is a Gold Sponsor of TES Cascais 2020
Meet the team to discuss your media buying and traffic monetization opportunities.

Wouter and Hendrik-Jan will attend TES Affiliate Conferences in Lisbon this year from Friday the 28th of February until Monday the 2nd of March.

Contact them directly via Skype or send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting.

In this workshop we will explore the potentials of the SolAds Media Platform together, take a deep look into the features of the system and the various options for buying and selling traffic. We will provide valuable insights for daily campaign management and give tips on how best to use unused potential in our network.

Presented by: Oliver Exner, Managing Director, SolAds Media GmbH

Facebook wants your content but hates your products? You are afraid to risk your Instagram account, in which you put so much effort? This panel will discuss the advantages of going Blackhat in Social Media, discuss the risks and gives you some hints how to start. We will discuss a whole ad cycle: from getting accounts over payment methods up to creating working creatives and cloaking your campaigns.

Presented by: Daniel Schiemann, CEO, Online Marketing Kings SRL

There are many rumors about doing Blackhat advertising in Social Media and most of them are connected to the Social Media accounts. Is account buying legal? Renting accounts or buying farmed accounts? How to avoid getting scammed and losing your money? What is the best method to work with these accounts? Where do I find reliable brokers? What can I do myself, what should I outsource? Can I use these costs for tax deduction? All these topics will be discussed during this presentation.

Presented by: Daniel Schiemann, CEO, Online Marketing Kings SRL

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