The best affiliate program?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by mneylon, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. websitedesign

    websitedesign New Member

    All depends on your product... some are better for different industries like finance, consumer products, etc.

    Overall I'm having good success with CJ
  2. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan New Member

    Anyone used them? I registered but their website is quote amateurish and even has ads on it. Just wondering if anyone has any experience and has gotten paid?
  3. bugzy

    bugzy New Member

    I prefer commission junction
  4. Suzanne

    Suzanne New Member

    Hello there! I'm pretty sure there are a lot out there offering good affiliate programs. Been reading articles about affiliate marketing lately and Live247support's affiliate program seems unique.
  5. immediate

    immediate New Member

    I love amazon. It's the program I most quickly find success with, though not the most successful. Blame the very short cookie.
  6. briant

    briant New Member

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  7. Hey guys

    I'm curious how this all works, bear with me as totally new to all this lol ;) Prob a silly question but me as a seller of doggie clothes & accesories would I be able to do this and second as I sell am I the "Merchant or Affiliate" I looked at Webgains site but didn't help lol ;)

    Also is there any cost to start this kind of thing?


  8. Tommy-Brokerbabe

    Tommy-Brokerbabe New Member

    Hi guys,

    Im Tommy !
    Im working as an Affiliate Marketing Manager for
    Im looking forward to meet/speak/make business with webmasters, affiliates.. and why not, to make new connections. Who knows what future will bring us :p
    We are currently looking for adult mobile traffic, especially german and swiss one!
    Dont hesitate to contact me for any question.

    Best regards,
  9. amitchoudhary

    amitchoudhary New Member

    you can try click cabin for best affiliate programs.
    Click Cabin says “your success means our success” hence we act as an intermediary between advertisers and Publishers, attempting to make a lucrative deal for both the parties. Click Cabin a leading CPA, CPC, CPM affiliate network will work dedicatedly to generate constant revenues of advertisers and Publishers by driving large amount of quality traffic. Our services will enable you to experience an amazing brand exposure, and a remarkable increase in targeted traffic.
  10. jcando

    jcando New Member

    Hi Guy's

    Here is a new affiliate program with an Irish based company selling The Dublin Discount Card, a new product which delivers 120 discounts and offers
    with real savings, ideal for people living, working or visiting Dublin, the "Gathering" will present opportunities for those selling this card online.
    The current payout to affiliates is €2 per card sale at €10. However any member of this forum who signs up will receive €5 per sale through their affiliate link.
    Just drop me an email with your affiliate / partner ID and I will increase your payout amount. email me at
    sign up as an a partner here Dublin Discount Card Partners Programme

    Many thanks.
  11. Simpl Performance

    Simpl Performance New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Simpl Performance is a Brand New Affiliate Program that is based in Dublin and are the only Affiliate Network with a local presence in Ireland.

    Simpl are be taking a proactive & flexible approach to both our Publishers and our Clients while also providing dedicated account managers.

    Simpl are basing their approach on what is missing from other Affiliate Networks so hopefully this and the local presence will make us the best Affiliate Program at present.

    Email me at to find out more

  12. mosharop

    mosharop New Member

    I think clicksure and clickbank network is the best affiliate program.Personally,I use clicksure affiliate program.
  13. Simpl Performance

    Simpl Performance New Member

    Simpl Performance is the only affiliate network setup and based in Ireland so we offer localised support and extensive knowledge of the Indigenous market, something that no other affiliate program can do in this country.
  14. kaylathom12

    kaylathom12 New Member

    I'm using this video affiliate company to promote my products across social networks like Google+ and Facebook. It works so easily with these websites and my customers can shop right from the website. I like showing up more in the search results for Google.
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