The Eircom Spiders - 2011

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I am probably mentioning the war by bringing this up! The short list was announced yesterday: Categories | The eircom Spiders 2011 - Celebrating Irish Internet Excellence

Word is that they have become a lot more legitmate. Any feedback?

I have a site up for both "Listings" and "One to Watch" - It's - would LOVE some feedback as to what you would rate my chances as...I don't want to spend €600 going to an awards that I have no chance of winning!


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Must have missed this while I was working. :) Seriously though, the Golden Spiders have been a joke since they were first launched as they don't reflect the best or the most excellent in Irish web development. It is just a rather expensive get-together for people who think that they are in the Irish web business.



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Well as events go it's fun to attend, or at least it was the one time I went.
But it's still not an award that I'd view as having much merit :)


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I did attend the last one and it was epic fun. Dara O'Briain was hilarious, food was very good and it was very entertaining.
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