Tour America launches on TradeDoubler Ireland

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Tour America launches on TradeDoubler Ireland

TradeDoubler Ireland are pleased to announce the launch of their affiliate partnership with Tour America, Ireland’s leading North American Travel Specialists.

Drive traffic and earn commissions on all flight, hotel, car rental and package sales, along with newsletter registrations.

Tour America offer a range of catchy Flash creative elements with of the minute promotional messaging and pricing. The range includes banners in a selection of sizes, along with facility to deeplink and a set of preset text links.

Publisher commission

Earn handsomely for both sales and leads with the Tour America affiliate programme -
- €10 commission on hotel sales
- €10 commission on flight sales
- €10 commission on car rental sales
- €30 commission on package sales
- €1 commission on newsletter registrations

For more details, see the TradeDoubler Blog at TradeDoubler Blog IE

To discuss how you can get Tour America working for you, please get in touch with or visit the Programme information page in your TradeDoubler Account​
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