Tr4adedoubler overly confusing

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Is it just me or is the tradedoubler site overly confusing?

Registered some time ago, got pissed off with trying to use it, and didn't bother again.
Logged in this morning to give it a second chance and it still confused the f--k out of me.

ughh typo in title
Hi archiseek,

Anything in particular you found confusing? I'd be happy to get in touch directly if there was something you wanted me to run through with you. If you call the Irish contact number on the TradeDoubler website you can reach me.



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I'd agree with archiseek

The UI in Tradedoubler is a nightmare compared to most of the other affiliate networks I've got accounts with
I'm not going to completely disagree guys. You might be pleased to know that there is a development project underway to redo the user interface, I'm not sure of timeframes yet but it's on the way.

As you know, it's a relatively small affiliate world in Ireland, so I'm always happy to answer the phone in our Dublin offices if there's anything I can help out with.

Would be interested to hear which of our competitors features would be worth looking at?


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They're all better than yours :)
Webgains , CJ , AffiliateWindow, - all much much easier to navigate, generate links, generate reports etc


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Tell me how you really feel Blacknight!

Hope I'll be able to report back when we've improved the interface.
I already did in the past and got fobbed off with some rubbish about the size of your network etc etc etc

I also find the emails about your newsletters to be completely inane - either email the newsletter or email a simple link to it - the HTML heavy email with zero content is a pain.
Other networks actually email the content
Glad I'm not sensitive!

The newsletters are being reviewed and I'm personally responsible for this, so maybe we can talk after the next one goes out in a couple of weeks time.
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