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Having a banner from banner displayed on my website, I did a test last week, whereby my brother went to my website & clicked on the banner using his computer (cookies enabled on browser) and when directed to the advertised website he proceeded to buy a product which was listed as one of the products which commission is payable on (%10). The phone was delivered earlier this week.

I then waited 2 days for this sale to show up on my account on tradedoubler but it did not register a sale from this. As I had recorded the order transaction and the ip address from the computer that the sale had been made from I got on to the contact listed on and enquired as to why I had not been properly compensated for a sale that had been made from a banner on my site.

Response I got from Tradedoubler was as follows..
If the tracking didn’t pick up the sale I will send this query directly to XXX and if it is s commissionable sale I will manually add the amount owed to your account.
I have followed up your query with XXX and they have found the transaction on their side.
I have set your query on to our support team as well as XXX to investigate why the sale wasn’t tracked. They are currently performing some tests on the banner that you are using on your site to see is this the problem.
I will be in touch early next week with more details.
Tradedoubler track hundreds of sales for publisher each month on the XXX programme. Unfortunately in this occurrence the tracking didn’t seem to work and there could be numerous reasons for this.
XXX have informed me that the sales is being process like all other transaction which come through the affiliate programme. Once I receive confirmation that it is a legitimate sale I will create your account with the commission owed.
I have test the banner on your site and it looks to be working to me. I have asked out support team to investigate as to why it didn’t track on this particular occasion.
If you are unhappy with the Tradedoubler affiliate process I suggest you remove all banners from your site.
The last response made no sense as I had removed the banners for several days by the time I got this, the person I was dealing with was only interested in fobbing me off rather than resolving the issue..
I am still awaiting the commission although it would not change my mind about this network. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
(ps I have all details of website and test transaction - might I be able to pursue this on a legal basis)


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Interesting issue. I've never had the energy to check how accurate their tracking was.
I wonder are other people having similar issues
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