Transfer email from Letshost 'Horde' ?? How ?

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HI Folks
One of those 'little boy with his finger in the dyke' moments <g>

My web design client wants to move 'everything' to do with their .ie domain from Letshost to BK.
All looks straightforward.......

Then it turns out they're using something called 'Horde' for their email - and storing it all on Letshost's server.
The Client's not terribly clued-up on computers etc...

So - does anybody know anything about 'Horde' - and whether it's possible for the client to retrieve their 'kin enormous heap of email from Letshost for local storage & reference after they've dropped their Letshost account ?

We'll try and wean them onto 'proper' email once we get the BK end of things set up<g>



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Horde (as far as I know) is just a web based client. So the mails *should* be available on the current server, as it's using IMAP to connect.
However there might be address books etc., that they might need to move as well
No idea about how you'd export that sanely, but there *might* be some kind of export function - I honestly don't know
HI Again

Just heard back from the client.

They don't want to use a 'real' mail program, they've got it into their heads that keeping everything (business-related emails!) on the server is a 'Good Thing'.

They want to have the entire contents & structure of their mailbox (which apparently is organised into folders) transferred across, intact, to the new mailserver, and carry on using Horde......


There's allegedly a program called imapsync which does this - but it's unsupported by Letshost, and the author of the program says 'I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!'

What's the general consensus on this - I've suggested to them that storing all of your business-critical emails on a 3rd-party server isn't a Good Plan -
or is that just me being a dinosaur ? <g>



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TBH if they want to do that they can, but I wouldn't recommend using IMAP. Hosted Exchange would work fine :) Now whether they'd be willing to pay for that or not is another matter entirely
'Not' .... probably! <g>
I emailed them last night - gently pointing out the potential pitfalls in their approach.
Deafening silence at the moment.

I guess this proves that there's always one more question that you wished you'd asked the client -
before getting involved.

Thanks for your comments