now offer complete travel packs of brand name miniature toiletries

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New Member, the online supplier of brand name travel size toiletries, have recently added a selection of pre-packed travel kits to their range.

Containing a variety of well known brands such as Dove, Lynx, and Nivea, the packs contain all the necessities for a trip away, while meeting current airport security regulations. All packs come in a standard resealable ziploc bag.

The Ladies Essentials and Mens Essentials packs each contain 5 items for €7.19, while the Complete versions contain 8 items each, retailing at €10.99 for the Mens and €11.99 for the Ladies. The packs are currently available for purchase at

Irish-owned offers a range of familiar branded toiletries to order online, for delivery throughout Ireland within two days. All products are under 100ml, allowing customers to save on baggage fees by travelling with hand luggage only, but still take their favourite brands with them.

Founder Mick O’Hea said: “While our existing range offers a varied choice for passengers seeking airline-friendly toiletries, our new products offer even more convenience. Whether you’re going on a city break, a hen weekend, or off to Poland with the green army, our travel packs contain everything you need for your trip”.

New packs are planned for launch soon, aimed at other users of travel size toiletries, such as festivalgoers, campers, and gym users.
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