UK versus Irish Hosting Companies

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I am with & very happy with there service.

However they are a UK hosting company.

What disadvantages will I have if I continue to set up Irish based websites with them as opposed to setting up my sites on Letshost, Blacknight or IrelandHosting which seem to be the recommended Irish companys to set up hosting with.
Depends on what you're hosting. A lot of IT/Web bloggers pick up on Irish sites that host abroad, with some disdain.

Opinion part: I personally prefer Irish hosting and keep recommending it. I don't see an advantage to hosting in the UK over Ireland, so why wouldn't I host here - that's my way of thinking.
I would like to host in Ireland however I have built up a very comfortable relationship with the host im with, as I said im really happy with there service, however im worried if there are any disadvantages. I wonder will google penalise my Irish website rankings becuase they have UK IP addresses or if there are any other disadvantages.
The search engines may not class the sites hosted as Irish, which could have implications for their order in the search engine result pages. It depends on the top level domain name of the website, the IP address and also whether you have informed the search engine of the "location" to associate with the domain.
So, if the site has a .ie domain name, the search engines will likely treat it as an Irish website when ordering results, even if the IP address indicates the site is located in the UK. If it is a .com, then it may be guided by the IP address and take it as a UK site, unless, as I said, you tell the search engine via the webmaster control panel that the site is to be associated with Ireland.
So for instance if I have a website with a .com tld hosted on a UK server it will most likely get picked up as a UK site and not an Irish site on the search engine unless i set the target area in the webmaster tools for the search engine? But then if i set the location in the webmaster tools is that it? Everythings honkey dory that its hosted in the UK or for instance if i set up two near identical sites and urls and had one hosted in ireland and one hosted in the UK would the Irish one perform better?
Partially and most likely but if you had lots of traffic, links and other words it would probably figure its Irish anyway.

Many SEO's believe that if you had two identically similar sites and all other things being equal (which would never be) - an Irish site "might" rank better but I doubt it.
from my past and from my oppinion everyhing depends what country are you going to target? if you are going to target and you will have for eg. uk visitors i would sugest that the server or the website hosting should be as close to the your country in this case uk. the speed of your website will dramatically be fast for evryone and better for your seo.
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