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Hi guys,

I'm working on my first site and am learning as i go...

I had my index pages for different sections layed out using tables but have tried switching them to layers. They seem to be working fine but i have read that div ids should be unique.

To keep things short i declared them in my css file and reused the same ones to create whatever amount of boxes i want. See here (8) and here (4).

As i'm learning as i go i want to try keep to HTML and CSS at first so i have a good understanding of that before moving on to use JavaScript and finally converting sections of the site to PHP or ASP.

So... do i have to declare all boxes seperately in my css (my max will be 8) with unique ids or is there a quicker way using HMTL/CSS. I'm also reusing 3 other css boxes inside each big box to split them up into sections.

I've attached a text file showing what i am using.




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yes indeed all id's has to be unique on the page and style can be set inside the CSS file starting with the #id_name sign.
if you need to use the same style more then once on the same page you can create classes, referenced inside the CSS file with a .class_name.

in you case there (the text file) the #infoboxleft has the same style as the #infoboxright, so you can convert that into one class .side_box_holder and same with the other ones that goes inside it. (e.g. .titlebox, .imagebox)
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