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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by bober, May 31, 2011.

  1. bober

    bober New Member

    When is duplicate content considered 'duplicate content'?

    I've recently started a hubpage and I'm just wondering If I write a unique article on my own blog & also publish this content on hubpages is this considered bad duplicate content?

    Am I right in saying duplicate content is only when you take someones exact content and use it for personal gain.
  2. vendexo

    vendexo New Member

    Duplicate content, from an SEO perspective, is when the page indexer sees a page containg "substantially the same content" as another page. So, when it is looking for keywords, it finds pretty much the same on each page. This may lessen the rank it gives to each page, because of the lack of uniqueness and the "division of the vote" as it were. So, you need to be careful with this. You may be better off having the main content in one place, and the other containing a summary with a link back to the full page.
  3. blackcat

    blackcat New Member

    Yeah, unfortunately it is duplicate content. But if you are not overdoing and use only a small number of hubpages (or other similar sources), I don't think you will have to worry.

    No. I don't think so. If you use your own content more than once and/or on multiple sources, is also duplicate content.
    And what you wrote about is not only duplicate content, but theft or even copyright infringement.
  4. Satanta

    Satanta New Member

    No. Duplicate content can be as simple as having the same webpage available from two distinct paths (so http://gbq.ie and http://www.gbq.ie). The search engines can't identify what the intent is behind the content, so don't know if you're using others work for personal gain (which as blackcat pointed out is a copyright issue, not a search engine guideline issue) or if it's simply a technical issue with your site. Honestly, they don't care. There concern is in providing diversity in results and providing results which give their users the best answers, it's up to you to ensure you're giving them the best information possible on your content to do this (duplicating it intentionally isn't helping there).

    If you're going to use syndication, your best bet is to use cross domain canonicals to identify the master version. If this isn't possible, then using a link back to the original version is better than nothing, but still gives the potential for the wrong version to be filtered in the results.

    It does beg the question, if you're using the hubpage to simply duplicate the content of your blog... why bother? Unless you're getting the content in front of a larger audience or in front of new readers, there seems little point in doing so and if done incorrectly you could end up breaking a variety of search engine guidelines in the process.
  5. Elegant_Designs

    Elegant_Designs New Member

    Just a question since we are at this topic, if I wrote an unique content on my blog but others took it and place it on their sites, and if Google index theirs first will mine be considered duplicated contents?
  6. ryanoryan

    ryanoryan New Member

    This recent announcement by google might be of interest to you:

    Google's Author Tag
  7. neojr

    neojr New Member

    Hi bober,

    Don't do it, do not publish an already published article on HubPages, it will be unpublished.

    That happened to me a few days ago. I wrote an article myself and published it on my own blog. A few days later I published a Hub with it - just to got an email just a few minutes later from HubPages, letting me know that my Hub had been unpublished because of duplicate content. :rolleyes:

    Good luck!
  8. painofdeath

    painofdeath New Member

    It can be easily eliminated if you have added your website to google webmaster tool.

    I made some testings and estimated results are as follow:
    if in every string of 5 words there is at least 1 unique word
    if in every string of 30 there is more than 10 unique words.

    For example:
    This text can be considered as unique. What you have to keep in mind is to change the appropriate amount of words in short part and in longer one.
    The text may be considered as not duplicate. Please keep in mind to amend the appropriate number of words in short strings as well as in longer one.

    I would recommend to avoid more than 4 words in string repeated. Slight changes like WORD into WORDS does not count.
  9. blue4ever

    blue4ever New Member

    There’s always going to be duplicate content, it inevitable. There’s duplicate content across the world in Newsprint due to syndication and press agencies like AP or PA. Nothing wrong with it, just a fact of life. I always like the issue of Race Cards (Horse Racing), replicated in hundreds of publications every day.
    There’s no penalty for duplicate content, per say. When a search engine some across two exact articles it will decide which ranks above the other determined by its evaluation as to which page (site) is the most relevant to the users initial request.
    If you are going to re-issue an article always place a link back to the original. I that respect you are being transparent and giving a “hat tip” to the originator. That’s will indicate to a search engine that it’s a bit second-hand.
    The secondary article may rank higher ar the end of the day, but that’s just the maths in the system.
  10. painofdeath

    painofdeath New Member

    In everyday I totally agree with blue4ever. However, when it comes to SEO a duplicate content is a suicide. If you are running a blog/precel/catalogue and you have duplicated content it's just a matter of time when google will start ignoring your links there. In SEO duplicate content is sth you need to avaid in first, second and third place.
  11. seanpearse

    seanpearse New Member

    I totally agree, duplicate content will kill your rankings. At the risk of sounding a little black hat though it may be worth your while to manually spin your original article (spinner chief has a free version!) before submitting it to hub pages. (It is imperative that you check the spun versions to make sure they read perfectly). As long as your main article is 100% genuine unique content I don't see any problem with spinning it a few times, making sure to change the paragraph structure then submit it to hubpages, bookmark it etc. As long as you're careful not to over publish the spun article I think you can avoid it being flagged as dupe. I know this method is not entirely white hat but writing 100% genuine articles is extremely time consuming and this is a way of making the most out of this laborious task. Only a suggestion.
  12. Maki

    Maki New Member

    Does anybody know what percentage of unique content should be in the article? What minimal percentage is considered unique by Google?
    I heard somewhere that uniqueness higher than 50% percent is good.
    A websites like BBC, SkyNews can't have 100% unique content because a lot of them have the same quotes from politicians, for example.
  13. seanpearse

    seanpearse New Member

    there is no hard and fast rule as to the minimum percentage but i tend to aim for 60+. jetchecker.com is a good free tool to check uniquness if you don't have a checker built in to your spinner software. i'm sure anywhere above 50% is acceptable but obviously the higher the better. the last thing you want is dupe content being flagged.
  14. Maki

    Maki New Member

    Yes, you're right.
    Google has a lot secrets so there can not be some rule regarding that. I just wanted to get an advice from experience. I try to have unique text as much as I can. It's difficult to maintain uniqueness when you have more than 5 websites, for example...
  15. Duval

    Duval New Member

    I don't think it's about percentage but whether you have sentences that read the same as somewhere else.

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