Using FP 2003 to maintain a website

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I've been asked to provide training to someone who wants to use FP 2003 to maintain her website. I'm completely familiar with DW, but FP is a different story (I'm hoping to convert her, but I think she already has FP).

I've been playing around briefly with a copy of it, and I have two problems straight away:

1. It won't seem to let me open a site unless it resides in the My Web Sites folder on my local machine. But afaik her website is not on her local machine - it's on a n/w drive. How do I deal with that one?

2. I've copied a site I created in DW to My Web Sites, and opened a page from it in FP. FP doesn't seem to respect my templates at all - I created a template in DW, and created all my pages from that template, but if I open one of those pages in FP I can just click and edit anywhere on the page! :confused:

These two things seem to be major stumbling blocks, and I'm tempted to just turn down the training rather than spend hours banging my head off the desk trying to figure out this product...

Any help / suggestions? (Apart from padding the desk! :rolleyes: )



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Do they have to use Frontpage?

As far as I know Microsoft have withdrawn support for it entirely ...
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