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Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by googlegeek, May 2, 2009.

  1. googlegeek

    googlegeek New Member

    I have experienced that whenever I have two or three links in the email, it automatically targeted as spam by most of the email account. Now I want to get rid off this nagging problem. Would I discard using URL in email or should I use just one. Please suggest.

  2. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    The links by themselves probably aren't the problem. They might be part of it, but it's more likely that other elements in the email are causing it.
  3. googlegeek

    googlegeek New Member

    Thanks for your information. But your answer is somewhat vague. Could you pinpoint the elements of the email that are creating this nagging problem?
  4. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    My answer is vague?

    You haven't supplied ANY real details about your email nor have you provided a link to a sample
  5. Linguini

    Linguini New Member

    GoogleGeek, can you post the copy of the email and the reply address assigned to it and we can have a look at where the problem might lie.
  6. googlegeek

    googlegeek New Member

    Well If i post this email in this forum, other members will term me as a spam because the soul purpose of that email is to get link by convincing the recipients. There is nothing extraordinary in it. I have just added some link of the website and nothing all.
  7. Byron

    Byron New Member

    That doesn't really help.

    To be honest if you p**s off consumers they will eventually report you, one in ten thousand is enough to get a fine of €1,000's,

    Draw up a professional email, with good, well integrated, non weighty graphics, don't use words likely to spark off problems, like "sexy" professionals, etc. and in general don't cover your email in links. One way to get around this would be to focus on providing one, prominent link with good copy and make the hard sell actually on your website.
  8. maclorenza

    maclorenza New Member

    We recommend that the URL in the input to the notepad and the input to the attachment in email
  9. navasia

    navasia New Member

    URL in Email Marketing actually worked?I hate spam,so I recommend u input of URL to the attachment in email.:)Hope that can help a little
  10. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    You might want to check the reputation of the domain of the URL you are trying to put, however if you are using an ESP for sending it shouldn't be a problem since they usually would replace your link with their link in the email when sending unless of course the domain that the ESP is using for tracking/redirecting is blacklisted.
  11. rosstaylor345

    rosstaylor345 New Member

    The links by themselves likely aren't the problem. They may be part of it, but it's more likely that other components in the email are causing it.
  12. wessnd

    wessnd New Member

    Hello, folks

    Well, there may be a handful of reasons why your emails are being blocked by spam filters. And as it was said here, it doesn’t seem that the problem is caused by links.
    What lists do u use? Are they purchased from third party? If so u will be unable to pass neither ISP nor your email provider authentication.
    There also may be problems with your email content or domain reputation u are using for sending emails.

    To help you with this, here are some easy do's and don'ts to follow for getting your email past the spam filters:

    - Do get a professionally designed template
    - Make sure your email doesn't have any missing or redundant code
    - Check and double check your email for spelling mistakes and typos
    - Use a good balance of text and images
    - Use a Spam Checker
    - Set up test accounts at commonly used email sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL to see if your email comes through into the inbox or the spam box.

    - Don't use italics and very large fonts
    - Don't use different fonts and WORDS ALL IN UPPERCASE
    - Don't use white text on a graphical background
    - Don't embed images
    - And of course, avoid words which have a high Spam score

    Phrases to avoid:
    No obligation, Click here or click below, Click to be removed, No risk, low risk, risk free, Order now, Money back guarantee, Have you been turned down, Spam or Spam legislation

    Hope, this helps. In case u may need reliable email provider services, i’d recommend dotmailer email marketing software. More info about this provider u can find here:
  13. jayk

    jayk New Member

    I don't think it really matters that much, I use Aweber and i'm allowed to have at least 3-4 links in my signature.

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